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Hallo to everyone! My name is Lola Orcha, I am a 54 years old Spanish lady, living in the Marbella area in the Costa del Sol, and I am a breast cancer survivor for 2 years now. I was diagnosed in May 2011, on my birthday, and I started my treatment with an operation on the 9th of June, exactly a month later of the same year,  up to Feb. 2012, when I finished my chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and my revisions ever since seem to be ok. Soon I will have to go back for another mamo, every six months, a small agony that I disguise with the power of colour over canvas and wood.

I have been painting ever since I was 15 years old, and I sold most of my work from those days. When I become 21 years old, I went travelling and working around the world for many years, and although I did not leave my paintings totally, I pursued another interest, like writing and dancing flamenco.

Luckily enough, my long days in South Pacific, gave another insight to my art work, and during my stay in Kiribati and FijiIslands, working as a UN Volunteer, I managed to do a few murals for schools in the outer islands, also teaching the young ones to work with colours.

Lately, I move towards Southeast Asia, living in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Philippines, Nepal, etc. and there I also learned with the local artist from many different cultures, Malaysians, Chinese, Hindus, and many more.

Cuba was my last adventure, before coming back to Spain sixteen years ago, I remained in the Caribbean for five years, and I also meet amazing local artists, from whom I learned to loose the fear to mix colours.

Now, during all these years in Spain, I have published a couple of books, won some prizes in writing contests, had a daughter, a new husband, and also I did some paintingbut more as a hobbyuntil June 2011, when I had my breast operation.

The doctors told me then, that my glands were also affected and had to be also removed, and that I will have to go through eight cycles of chemo during seven months, followed by 20 radio sessions, and tamox for five years, I did not have idea that it was going to be very hard, and I decided to take my mind off from thinking about it, and nothing better for that than travel once more through my memories, bringing old images into life through colours and words. I started with the first chemo, and I have remain faithful to my brushes and my canvas ever since. I have more than one hundred paintings now, and I have done three exhibitions on my own, participated in painting contests and been part of a jury in a local painting contest in Marbella.

What I have done is to write a history for each of the paintings created during this treatment, and I have made a book, where I project all my hope and my gratitude to all my beautiful friends who has remained by my side during this horrible times, also to my dear husband and my 15 years old daughter, who have never despair giving me strength to win this battle.

But before trying to publish it, I want to show it to the world though this blog, by chapters, so you can read it very easily, and let me know your feelings about it.

I do apologise if my written English is not so good now, but I do feel a bit rusty after such a long time without writing for the English reading public. I will try to show as much of my incredible life through my paintings and my words, and I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I have done, paintingwritingtravelling and dancing, and above all meeting loads of Wonderful People All Over The Planet!

As I say in Spanish: Wear your high heel shoes and come with me to kick the worries!  Om Mani Padme Hum! ¡Muchas gracias!

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